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Developing your brand

Ever wondered why social media influencers are so successful at making money off of simply living their lives on the internet? It is because they have mastered the art of personal branding.

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is a new marketing concept related to the marketing strategies that a person adopts in order to promote himself or herself in the market

Three phases of creating your own brand

  1. Establish a Brand Identity- differentiate yourself to stand out from the crowd while simultaneously maintaining the expectations of your specific target market.

  2. Develop the Brand’s Positioning- develop an active communication of one’s brand identity by managing behavior, communication, and symbolism.

  3. Evaluate the Brand’s Image- ensure that the image aligns with your personal and professional objectives.

There are several benefits to creating a personal brand

  • Development of human capital through continuous education

  • Enhanced social capital due to increased visibility and notoriety

  • Economic profitability

Outline for getting started

  • Establish brand Identity

  • Figure out what message you want to communicate about yourself to the world

  • Choose three words that express what you would like your brand to embody

  • Outline personal mission

  • Create brand kit (Elevator pitch, Style guide, Mission statement, etc.)

  • Develop your brand’s positioning

  • Research your target audience

  • Create a long-form platform (YouTube, Podcast, Blog, etc.)

  • Create an engagement platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc.)

  • Evaluating your brand’s image

  • Research engagement analytics and compare demographics to your intended target audience

  • Survey your subscribers

  • Read and Evaluate feedback on all platforms

You've created a personal brand that will make you marketable to future employers and increase your visibility in the realm of social media

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Hi, I'm Leah Young

I am an undergrad communications student at Howard University studying Strategic, Legal, Management Communications. I am also currently working as a marketing coordinator for the marketing agency 99 exposure.

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